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Orange County, California | Newborn Photography Nicolenjoli Studio Sessions

One of the most common questions I get is if I have a studio. The answer is yes, every newborn photographer needs to have a designated place to photograph whether it is in their home or in a commercial space. There are also outdoor sessions which are great for maternity and family sessions and even newborn sessions can be done outside here in sunny Southern California. I offer all of the above. More recently since covid hit us I have started to shoot in a commercial space. The studio offers everything needed to make your experience complete and comfortable. When you arrive you will enter the parents waiting room where you can relax on the couch and enjoy the television and stream netflix, hulu, prime, and more if you choose. We have a small dining table set up incase you want to bring your breakfast or need to catch up on work with your laptop. Free wifi is ready to go of course. The baby changing table is also here so that we can get baby undressed and ready to go into the studio for the session. We have a restroom with any supplies mommy might find herself in need of and a kitchenette where you can help yourself to coffee, tea, water, heat up your babies bottle or grab a snack if you like. Entering the studio you will see props props and more props! Our stations are ready to go and everything is prepared and customized to your preferences you noted in the questionnaire you filled out. My home studio is located in Los Angeles, Whittier to be exact, close to La Habra while the studio is in Orange county, Brea to be exact. I shoot lots of outdoor sessions all year throughout both counties. Photos coming soon of the studio. In the meantime visit the contact page to get in touch and discuss your photography session!


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