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Newborn Photography in Los Angeles California. Maternity photography in Los Angeles California.

Family photography in Los Angeles California. | Nicolenjoli Photography



The most important thing in my life is family.  I grew up in Southern California in a big family. It has always felt important to capture memories with a camera, even as a kid.  I was the weirdo who always carried a camera and took pictures of everything before everyone had a camera in their phones and photographed everything, now it's so normal and part of almost everyones everyday life but back in the day you had to bring a camera with film if you wanted to take photos and I always had mine.  I have tons of old photos, I love them.  It fulfills me to know that I'm creating something people are going to keep forever.  I don’t understand how some people don’t see the importance in photographing their children or photographing themselves with or for their children. I know not everyone loves to be photographed, I myself don't like to be photographed but I do it because I know time flies and I love looking at old photos, who doesn't love looking at old photos? My kids will have soo many photos of our lives, before they came along, of times they were too young to even remember. 





Becoming a mom has made me love maternity and newborn photography in a new way because I realized just how fast it all goes by, it is only for such a short time and then it is gone…forever, and your babies grow at lightening speed, never to be the same again.  It's a series of stages you fall in love with and then have to part with and then a new stage begins... It can be heartbreaking.  Ever get emotional getting rid of your kids clothes that don't fit anymore? I get it.  Being pregnant and giving birth is such a special miracle, so emotional and draining that we often forget... photographs are the way to remember and go back to when baby was in your belly or when baby was only 6 days old.  I love the importance of capturing this time for mothers. Children grow so quickly in the first few years, document it, they will love you for it.  It is awesome to know that the photos I take will be passed down on to the babies, and one day they will be passed down again.  Photography is freezing time so it can last forever, there is nothing like it... a song or even a smell can remind you but there is nothing like a photo to stare at, pass around, and remember that time.  I love the photo you see here... that was my son in there, 6 weeks before we met and he stole my heart, I've seen it a hundred times but each time I look at it, it pulls at my heartstrings.   I would love to chat with you about capturing your most precious memories, give me a call or leave me a message and we can discuss your photo session.




I started learning as a teenager with film, in the darkroom and then took many photo classes in college along with every other kind of art class you can think of and I graduated with my degree in visual arts.  I am a creative at heart and enjoy many mediums.   I am happy to do anything creative, my other creative love is handmade jewelry which I have been doing for over 15 years.   I have handmade and sold hundreds of original jewelry peices.  I went on to design for a big company, during my time there I had my second baby and decided I needed to be with my children.  I was able to start to  focus on my long lost love... photography.  "Do what you love, Love what you do." If I am living by that saying, what more could I ask for. Having a creative outlet is condusive to my wellbeing.  Photography makes me happy, I really love it and photographing newborns is the sweetest job ever.