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Los Angeles, California Newborn Photography | Hiring your newborn photographer.

My number One priority in photographing newborn babies is Safety. This niche of photography is unlike any other as you are given the trust of new parents to care for their newborn treasure. You are pretty much a stranger and they trust you to know what you are doing and take care of their baby while photographing him/ her for the couple of hours the session takes. Parents are tired, they are new to everything, sometimes people don't know what a newborn session looks like. I want you to always trust your parental instincts in your session and if you are ever uncomfortable with anything during your session speak up to your photographer. Before you book a newborn photographer you want to look for someone whose style you like, who offers what fits your needs, but most importantly you want someone who is going to treat your baby as if he/ she is her own. Someone who is patient, loving, caring, gentle and very experienced. But how do you know who has these qualities? Unfortunately the only way to know is to go by what others have experienced, you can read reviews. You can read some of my reviews here.

You will want to read that they are consistently highlighted as someone who is patient and experienced. Because newborn photography does not have any standards or licenses you need to acquire before you go ahead and handle newborns it can be risky to only trust what the photographer tells you. I pride myself on being a very patient, and gentle photographer, before I am a photographer I am a mother and those instincts come first when I am working with a baby. The baby is in charge and I go with the flow of the baby, never rushing or forcing a pose. I treat every baby the way I would treat my own. Every baby is different and every photo session will be a little different. I only book one newborn session a day. I feel that I give so much of my energy in making sure my clients are comfortable, parents and baby. I give 110% and when I am done I am pretty drained both mentally and physically and so for that reason I wont do a second session because I wouldn't want to give any less than 110% to every session.


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