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My number One priority in photographing newborn babies is Safety. This niche of photography is unlike any other as you are given the trust of new parents to care for their newborn treasure. You are pretty much a stranger and they trust you to know what you are doing and take care of their baby while photographing him/ her for the couple of hours the session takes. Parents are tired, they are new to everything, sometimes people don't know what a newborn session looks like. I want you to always trust your parental instincts in your session and if you are ever uncomfortable with anything during your session speak up to your photographer. Before you book a newborn photographer you want to look for someone whose style you like, who offers what fits your needs, but most importantly you want someone who is going to treat your baby as if he/ she is her own. Someone who is patient, loving, caring, gentle and very experienced. But how do you know who has these qualities? Unfortunately the only way to know is to go by what others have experienced, you can read reviews. You can read some of my reviews here.

You will want to read that they are consistently highlighted as someone who is patient and experienced. Because newborn photography does not have any standards or licenses you need to acquire before you go ahead and handle newborns it can be risky to only trust what the photographer tells you. I pride myself on being a very patient, and gentle photographer, before I am a photographer I am a mother and those instincts come first when I am working with a baby. The baby is in charge and I go with the flow of the baby, never rushing or forcing a pose. I treat every baby the way I would treat my own. Every baby is different and every photo session will be a little different. I only book one newborn session a day. I feel that I give so much of my energy in making sure my clients are comfortable, parents and baby. I give 110% and when I am done I am pretty drained both mentally and physically and so for that reason I wont do a second session because I wouldn't want to give any less than 110% to every session.

When Should I book my Newborn Photography Session?

It is best to book your session as soon as you can, in your 2nd-3rd trimester is ideal.

How old should Baby be for a Newborn Session?

Day 6 to 14 is the best time to photograph your baby. The first 14 days works best to get peaceful sleepy, poses. After two weeks of age, they are more likely to be disturbed while sleeping, and can also become colicky or baby acne can start to flare, it doesn't mean it is impossible, I have photographed babies up to 5 weeks, it is not ideal but can still work out nicely. Once your baby is born, call me as soon as possible and let's schedule the day for you to come in.

How Long does a Newborn Session last? It depends on the session you book but it is not uncommon for a full session with a newborn to last about 2.5 or even up to 3.5 hours, allowing plenty of time for feedings and comfort. They are not rushed at all. I include a list of what you can bring to help soothe the baby on the day of the session.

What Kind of photos will be included?

Your gallery will include the precious portraits of baby using my blankets, wraps, and props you see in my gallery (more of a posed feel). My style is not just one thing, I go for a soft but striking look, modern but not trendy, my photos are all consistent in that they are always my unique artistic expression.

I like to focus on the baby, so I like a minimal set up, I don't use a ton of themes or props.

My main goal is that the images are beautiful and timeless.

Where will the Session take place? Do you Travel to a clients home?

Sessions typically take place in Whittier on the border of Los Angeles and Orange County. The Whittier location is subject to change depending on different factors. I have everything set up for your session as far as lighting, controlled temperature, props, backdrops etc. I can travel to your home for an extra fee depending on the distance. *(Due to covid I am not doing any newborn sessions in clients home for the time being).*

Do you provide the Props and Wraps etc.?

I provide all the beautiful props, blankets, bonnets and headbands you see in my photos. I have been collecting for years from the best vendors from all over the world. You do not have to worry about bringing any props or clothes to your session. I style your set ups based on your color preferences and no two are ever exactly the same. Your photos are one of a kind just like your new baby. If you have a keepsake or heirloom you want to include please let me know what ideas you have so we can discuss and plan ahead of time to bring your vision and my style to life.

When will I receive my finished photos?

Turnaround time for your final edited image gallery to be sent to you is 2-3 weeks. I edit each photo myself, this is part of what make the photos my personal style. I do not send them to anyone else to edit for me, I hope that you choose me because my photos stood apart to you. I deliver my artistic interpretation of your beautiful baby from the styling, to the photos captured, to finishing them off with my personal editing.

What Should us parents / siblings wear?

If your package includes sibling/ family photos I recommend you wear soft neutral colors such as beige, grey, blush, soft blue or green tones. I don't think you need to all match but don't all wear different colors. You don't want to wear loud, bold colors or logos. The photo should focus on your faces not your clothing. A side note for moms... make sure your nails look nice, no chipped polish because your fingers may show as you are holding your baby. I am always happy to consult with my clients on what they are planning to wear.

If my Baby was recently born is it too late to book a last minute session?

Contact us ASAP if your baby was just born! When I say JUST born I mean 3 days ago, 6 days ago, once you reach 14 days your chances do start to go down for a session but there is always hope. Photography is my only job so unlike many photographers who have day jobs and can only book a few sessions a week, my schedule allows for me to book any days I want to and depending on my schedule many times I can make a last minute booking work.

How long have you been photographing newborns?

I am a fully licensed and Insured business. I have 10+ years of experience in caring for newborns and children. I actually started to care for newborns at 12 years old, being the oldest child of the family. I had a sibling born when I was 12, 13, and 14, so I was helping to feed, change diapers, soothe and care for infants at an early age. Not to mention I have my own 2 children now. Nurturing babies has always come very naturally to me and my number one priority is always your babies safety, comfort, and care. I pride myself on my 100+ 5 star reviews from parents who have trusted me with their most treasured newborn babies.

Please research your photographer and make sure they know what they are doing. When you hire me you can be sure you are handing over your baby to someone who only treats and handles her newborn clients like her very own. Newborn photography is a very specialized niche but unfortunately there is no real training required, even very leaders in the industry who teach others have been accused of not being safe. Only you can do your research to decide who you feel 100% comfortable with handling your brand new precious baby.

What do I need to do to Book my Orange County Newborn Photography Session?

Contact me either by email or phone and I will send you over the package options. Once you decide which package you want I will send over the booking information which includes a questionnaire, a contract for you to read and sign that goes over all of my policies, and lastly an invoice that is a non refundable retainer to hold your appointment and goes toward your photos. A 'What to expect" attachment is also sent with your invoice and that has answers to many questions you might have. Once I receive everything back signed and paid you are officially booked and in my calendar. All that is left to do is contact me once baby arrives and we decide on a day and time for you to bring baby in!

Please let me know if you have any other questions, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Fill out the contact form to take the first step in booking your Los Angeles Newborn Photography Session.

Nicolenjoli is a professional photographer specializing in Newborn photography located in Los Angeles on the border of Orange County. Clients come from all surrounding cities including Whittier, Downey, Covina, Fullerton, Brea, Chino Hills, Yorbalinda, Placentia, Diamond Bar, Pasadena, Downtown Los Angeles, Burbank, Glendale, Long Beach, Anaheim, Tustin, Costa Mesa, Orange County and beyond! Los Angeles Newborn Photographer.

We are slowly picking up the pieces from being closed up since March due to covid. I normally shoot in my home studio but now that my children are not actually going to school and I would rather not have clients in my home at the moment... I am renting a perfect little studio in Old Town Tustin that has been working out great. I take every precaution wearing a mask of course, washing my hands as always and sanitizing everything. I have a fan going to circulate fresh air in addition to a Hepa air purifier. My #1 priority has and always will be the safety of my newborn baby clients. I started to shoot again slowly and carefully and I am so happy to be back doing what I missed so much. As of May 2021 Update: Our Studio is now in Brea California.

Are you ready to book your Los Angeles Newborn Photography session with Nicolenjoli? Please get in touch here to get more information about booking your session.

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