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My goal as your photographer is to provide you with not only a great experience, but a complete experience.  I want you to walk away from your session feeling like it was fun and easy.  I provide you with a complimentary viewing session where I will reveal your photos to you in a beautiful slideshow.  I will assist you in displaying and keeping your images forever.  You will be able to hold and touch samples to see what you love most. I will be able to answer any questions you may have and once you place your order your beautiful products will arrive in 2-3 weeks! 

I offer a great variety of products I personally love and know you will to. 

 SESSION FEES $150-Maternity, Baby, Family Sessions  $200-NewbornSession                                 (Books your session date and time.  Does not include any images.)



A gift print is 8x12 or smaller, it is a mounted print perfect for putting in a frame. Gift Prints are available in the following sizes:


4x6           $25            


5x7            $35


8x10         $50     






Accordian Mini Albums are one of my favorite items, they are about 3"x 3" and fold like an accordian.  The have a hard customized cover and magnetic closure.  Accordian Minis make the perfect gift for grandparents, and/or godparents. You can fit it in your pocket, purse, or stand it on your office desk.  Offered in a set of 2 or 3,  the accordian mini albums are a must have.


Set of 2 Mini Accordian Albums           $100


Set of 3 Mini Accordian Albums           $130



9 Image frame.png



I categorize a wall print as any print or canvas larger than an 8x12.  A print is mounted and is meant to be framed, a Canvas is 1.5" thick and comes ready to hang.




12x18/ 12x16................................                                                            

16x16/ 16x20/ 16x24................                                             

18x24/ 20x20/ 20x24.............                                          

20x30/ 24x30/ 24x36............                                       

30x30/ 30x40/ 32x48...........                                     

















Albums make a great coffee table book, easy to view, share, and display your memories.  A beautiful book is easy to pass down in the future and keep in the family forever.

Choose a custom photo cover, a linen cover, or a leather cover.  The pages are thick and the paper is a deep matte finish.  Albums come with 10 spreads/ 20 sides with the option to add on more and are designed by Nicole.


Sizes                                           Price

5x5                                                 $390

8x8                                                 $490

10x10                                             $690

12x12                                              $850


Additional Spreads (2 sides) $50

Any 2nd Album purchased is $50 off original price.



In todays world I understand wanting to keep the digital files of your images.  I also know first hand that if you only buy the digitals they can live in a desk drawer or cloud forever.  I would love to provide you with both the digitals to save and beautiful product to show off your precious moments.  I offer digitals through the a la carte menu and gift them when your order totals $1200.

A La Carte Digital Prices:

Set of 10 Digital Images              $600 (any session)

All the Digital Images                   $800

(20-25 newborn/mat./baby)

(30-40 family session)

**Your Web sized Digital files are Gifted to you when your order totals $1200 or more in products.  Hi Res digital image files are gifted to you when your product order totals $2000 or more in products**

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