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Los Angeles, California | Newborn Photography | Done Safely

We are slowly picking up the pieces from being closed up since March due to covid. I normally shoot in my home studio but now that my children are not actually going to school and I would rather not have clients in my home at the moment... I am renting a perfect little studio in Old Town Tustin that has been working out great. I take every precaution wearing a mask of course, washing my hands as always and sanitizing everything. I have a fan going to circulate fresh air in addition to a Hepa air purifier. My #1 priority has and always will be the safety of my newborn baby clients. I started to shoot again slowly and carefully and I am so happy to be back doing what I missed so much. As of May 2021 Update: Our Studio is now in Brea California.

Are you ready to book your Los Angeles Newborn Photography session with Nicolenjoli? Please get in touch here to get more information about booking your session.


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