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Los Angeles, California | Newborn Photographer | Studio set ups explained by Nicolenjoli

When I use the term "set up" I am referring to that which your baby will be surrounded by in the photo. You will see many photographs with babies posed and they are usually done in either props, on a fluffy rug, or on a seamless blanket. In my sessions I like to mix it up and do a bit of all three. The blanket poses are the baby posed on a seamless soft blanket in the color palette of your choice. Here are some examples:

Poses are slightly different but all were done on our big posing bed.

Props are where I can get a little more creative, sometimes I keep them simple and sometimes I add a little more to them... Props include baskets, buckets, beds, boxes, chairs, anything used to put the baby inside of would be a prop... Here are some examples of babies in buckets, baskets, and wooden boxes / bowls.

Here are some other props... you will see how I use them differently, I add other elements to make them a little more interesting and sometimes I keep it very simple... it just depends on the other set ups I'm planning for a babies session.

Flokati rugs are thick wool rugs that have an exaggerated shag look that really add a lot of texture to a set up. The baby is surrounded by the fluff and the beauty is in the contrast of the soft newborn baby skin and the thick textures.

Props can sometimes be found in stores but most newborn photography props are made specifically for newborn photo shoots and are designed to hold newborn babies safely. These props are sold by vendors who source or sometimes design and manufacture them. It can be hard to resist buying every cute new prop that comes out.

Styling my newborn set ups is probably my favorite part of the newborn photography session besides actually snuggling the tiny new babies. The layers of fabrics, rugs, fluff, and stuffers all have to come together to make something beautiful for the baby to be the star of. There is a fine line of over doing it, sometimes less is more and my goal is always to have a classic timeless feel to my images. I would hope that the styling is a reason that clients choose me for their newborn photography session. I go into the studio and I really enjoy putting together my set ups, everything I have collected over 10 years is right at my fingertips and I truly love the process. Learn more about booking your newborn photography session in Los Angeles or Orange County here.


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