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Orange County, California | Newborn Photographer | Sibling photos with a newborn baby

Many of my clients return to me with baby #2 and there is no better compliment then when they return to me because they were so happy with my work. Sibling photos are important... I know because my son was 2 and refused to take a photo with his new baby sister, I got something less than ideal but I love it anyway. My son was exactly 2 at the time since his 2nd birthday was 7 days after his sister was born. 2 year olds, especially those who recently turned 2 are probably the most challenging as they don't talk a whole lot yet but they sure do know what they want and are not easily persuaded if they aren't into something.

There are certain poses that work best for a newborn and their 2 year old sibling. Children get a little more cooperative as they grow older, older children can still be unpredictable but for the most part it all works out. Here are some sibling shots...

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