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Orange County Maternity Photographer

For some a maternity photo session might be their first time being photographed in a photo studio with lights and often times showing off your pregnant body. I assure you that I make sure that you are comfortable the moment you walk into my studio in Brea Ca. You have the option to have your hair and make up done with one of my make up artists while we discuss your looks and go through the gowns and fabrics you like. I usually have my assistant working with us in the studio especially for photos like this one below. The fabric you see so beautifully flowing in the air is usually tossed by my assistant while I shoot at high speed to catch it falling. I will guide you with words and by showing you with my own movements how to pose from head to toe. You don't need to worry about not knowing how to pose. We take our time and make sure you are hydrated, not too warm or cold, In a couple of rare cases I have had moms need to take some time to lie down or even get sick as is the case with some in the third trimester. Which is why it is important not to wait too long as you get more and more uncomfortable the closer you get to your due date. My goal is to make it an enjoyable experience for you, I want you to feel pampered and beautiful while I capture this special moment in time for you.

The maternity session is also a great time for us to get to know each other and by the time your baby is born you are very comfortable with me and my studio just in time for your newborn photography session. Read my other post about Maternity sessions here. Let's get in contact and discuss your Maternity photography session soon.


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