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When should you book your Los Angeles Maternity Photography Session? What I always tell my clients is anytime between 30-37 weeks could be the best time. It depends on a few different things. Every pregnancy is different and every woman is going to grow at a different rate. What I know for sure is we want your belly to be nice and round and unmistakably very pregnant. Most women are going to be nice and round by around 30-32-34 weeks. Some women have changes in their face and that can also be something some women might want to consider. Those last 7-10 weeks we tend to grow a lot and quickly so it's important to think about these factors and plan accordingly, booking somewhere in the 3-6 month mark is perfect in my opinion, it gives you time to get things squared away and communicate with me on how your feeling so far and start the communication about your outfit, your location, etc...

The other important thing to think about when thinking about when to actually shoot your session is how you are feeling. If you wait until you are 37 or 38 weeks, you are ready at any moment to possibly give birth, things get uncomfortable, you may not be getting the best sleep at night, your ankles and feet are probably swollen, and there is pressure from your baby getting ready to come out. During a maternity session you want to have some energy, and you want to feel good. If outdoors there will be some walking involved ( bring comfy shoes for that, even if it is just for the walking ) Here in Southern California we get so many beautiful sunny days, we get to shoot outdoors all year...

If you prefer indoors there will be posing under lights... and sometimes even standing in a pose or closing your eyes for a couple seconds can put you off balance with a big belly. It's important not to wait too long so you can enjoy your session. You want to make sure you don't arrive on an empty stomach and make sure you are hydrated. I recommend getting your hair and make up done so you can feel your best ( I have artists / stylists I recommend to you if you request). As for what to wear, I have gowns to choose from, sometimes I can even special order you one, or you can wear something you have picked out yourself. In our studio that is located right where Los Angeles county and Orange County meet you have a little more privacy. You can just drape fabric over your shape, or even bare it all if you want to really capture your pregnant body... Miracle that it is! If you would like to get more information or chat about booking your Orange County maternity session contact us here!

Some of my 2020 business resolutions are to be more intentional, engage more and to be consistent with my online presence. Usually I always just share my photos, I am an introvert so anything more is a lot for me. I want to extend my work a bit further and share my experiences as a photographer, and a little bit more about me and what I do. With all of the social media to keep up with I had slowly stepped away from my blog but I heard it is still cool to have one so here I am.

Lets start off with a photo of me and my "babies"... this was taken about a year ago now... The amazing Twig and Olive captured this one for us. If you don't know them check them out- they can get my little ones to cooperate like few can. I have tried to make sure we take family photos every year as they grow up so fast, and I am not getting any younger lol. I LOVE photography, I always have- it is so amazing to be able to capture moments. The whole world is a photographer now with their phones... It wasn't always something everyone did on the regular- it took planning, money, and multiple steps to even see the photos, it took time to get them developed. So worth it every time. These days it's so easy to pull out your phone and snap away, everyone loves to take pics and share them... it's crazy how fast technology has advanced. Now the challenge for most lies in actually printing the digitals and hanging them up on the wall... That is a whole other topic on it's own. I am guilty of not having these up yet. I know, I am a photographer, practice what you preach right? It's high on my to do list!

With this blog I hope to share some information that someone will find valuable and interesting, share my photography, my side projects, spark inspiration, and stay consistent with it!

Ready to request more information about book your Orange County Maternity photography session with Nicolenjoli Photography? Please Contact us here and we will send you all the details!

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